12 de abr de 2011

Combination of cyclosporin A and prednisolone for juvenile cellulitis concurrent with hindlimb paresis in 3 English cocker spaniel puppies

Chul Park, Jong-Hyun Yoo, Ha-Jung Kim, Byeong-Teck Kang, and Hee-Myung Park

Can Vet J. 2010 November; 51(11): 1265–1268

Three 7-week-old, English cocker spaniel littermates were diagnosed as having juvenile cellulitis with concurrent neurologic signs based on history, histopathology, and therapeutic response. The puppies were treated with cyclosporin A and prednisolone. Skin lesions and hindlimb paresis improved following treatment

11 de abr de 2011

Gliomatosis Cerebri in a Dog

Case Report - Gliomatosis Cerebri in a Dog
Fabiano J. F. de Sant’Ana, Claudio S. L. Barros

A 6-year-old, female, mixed-breed dog was presented for necropsy with history of prostration and incoordination followed by circling to the right and seizures. There were no gross findings in the brain. Histologically, there were numerous neoplastic glial cells throughout the thalamus, midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata. Moderate multifocal lymphoplasmacytic perivascular cuffings were also present in the same areas. In addition, severe multifocal proliferation of glial cells was observed in the leptomeninge and white matter of the cerebellum. The neoplastic cells observed in the brain stem were negative for GFAP, while in the cerebellum the neoplastic glial cells were strongly labeled with GFAP and vimentin. Based on the histopathological findings and on the immunohistochemical results, a diagnosis of gliomatosis cerebri was made.